rcknt replied to your post “Ummm I was told I can’t wear “skull jewelry” when “seeing patients”…”

I once got told that my dress pants “need to be looser” because it was distracting “grade 9 girls”

Who do people think they are, right?

Ummm I was told I can’t wear “skull jewelry” when “seeing patients” who are “dying”

Whatever you don’t know me or my punk life


Whatever mistakes you made today, at least you didn’t write an article about rebranding the Ku Klux Klan. Good for you.

I was outside studying for 2, 15-minute periods today and I got sunburnt, in case anyone is wondering what it’s like to not see the sun for 9 months ☀️🙍

Adore You (remix) - Miley Cyrus

Anonymous asked: POST A SELFIE OF UR BUTT (this is Kristen)


is this even a good booty picture? idek there it is, my conservative butt.


I am repulsed by people who give unsolicited advice.

A girl I went to college with recently posted on Facebook about how she stopped drinking in order to “lose those last 5 pounds” and how she could counsel you on your drinking habits and addiction if you wanted to stop.

She is not an addictions counselor. She is not a therapist. She is a personal trainer and absolutely should not be giving/offering advice on substance abuse. She even posted the beginning of a “regimen” and it was awful. She is awful.

I tried not vomiting on my screen but could not stop myself

wueff replied to your post “Do you want to specialize in anything?”

i just want you to be my gp or doctor me somehow so whatever you have to do for that to happen

I can’t be a GP, I’m not nice enough or willing. BUT I will let you know in 3 years what I end up doing and you will be the first dude 2 know

nickneededanewblog asked: U r the best

sure sure 

Anonymous asked: where dat rated r booty

It’s in its un-natural habitat, my pants. 

Last one in the library, keepin-it-PG Booty

Last one in the library, keepin-it-PG Booty

Are we all posting booty pics now?


Can that be a thing that we do? Like as a people?

Free the Booty Friday

Kristen/24/Perpetual student. Hurry up with my damn croissants.

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